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We limit drop-ins to individuals who have 3+ months experience at a CrossFit affiliate. Planning to be in town for more than one day? We also offer a weekly drop-in rate. Email for details.

We believe in ”old school CrossFit”. That to us means excellent coaching, a LOT of skill work and one workout a day. Rarely do we have both a strength piece and a metcon.

Our staff include Scandinavia’s only member of CrossFit HQ’s Seminar Staff, one of only two CrossFit Level 3 coaches, multiple CrossFit Level 2 coaches and everyone has at least one CrossFit Speciality Certificate, so coaching is what we offer!

Our box in quite international so classes are given in English if needed.

We are currently not offering Open gym for drop ins.

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Here are two examples of what a class looks like at CrossFit Medis;



WOD Design and Logistics

Happy Monday! Time to start out the week with a heavy strength session of Deadlifts. Today we are performing 3 sets of 5 reps, all at maximal loads. For the majority of you, use this session to get in 3 sets all around 80-82% of your 1RM, as 85% is your theoretical 5RM. Ideally, we want you to get more time under tension with a heavy loading, rather than starting conservatively and not hitting 3 true working sets. However, if you’ve never established a 5RM and has good lifting prowess (6+ months or more), OR have not re-tested a 5RM and feels like today is the day, by all means, let’s go for it!

As always with heavy loading on the Deadlift, drop the bar if you feel as though your back position is compromised off of the floor. Safety is key here, and with a movement like the Deadlift, it is easy to just dump the bar. 5 reps is quite a big set, and you may feel good for the first 3, but if the last or second to last rep is no good, all it takes is one bad rep to hurt yourself! A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is for ample rest; after each set of 5, you should be resting at least 3 minutes before attempting your next weight.


Load lifted across all 3 sets of 5.

WOD Goal

Rx’d: Many athletes in this category will likely know their strength numbers, whether it’s a 1RM or 5RM. Aim for their loading on their sets to be in the realm of 80-82% across the board. Athletes in this category are also eligible to go for a new 5RM if they choose, just so long as they end up hitting 3 heavy sets. Their loading for this strategy will likely look more like 78%, 82%, 87%. This group of athletes coaches will need to monitor to make sure they aren’t going 1 rep too far into the realm of injury.

Fitness: Although we are loading heavy today, we want to make sure that anyone who is lifting for a heavy set of 5 is safe first and foremost, and that will also apply to this group in the realm of the movement being unfamiliar at these loads – they will likely get toes-y with the bar coming forward and off of their legs. Encourage these athletes to go by feel, where 1-3 are moderate to hard, and 4-5 are hard. Ideally, we don’t want these athletes to go to failure or reach a true max, as time under tension with a heavy load is still beneficial for them in developing movement patterns and strength.



Deadlift: Scale by load of Barbell.


(10 min.) Warm-up (with a light KB)

Row 250-m
Suitcase KB Deadlift (each arm)
KB Russian Swing
KB Single Arm Front Squat (total reps – switch arms halfway)

* Increase the pace of the row each round.
* Perform in partners if you are short on rowers. One person rows, one person performs KB movements.


(15-20 min.) Review and Prep for Deadlift

With an empty barbell, as a group perform:

5 Good-mornings
5 Good-morning to Squats
5 Jefferson Curls (with barbell)
2 Rounds

5 Deadlifts
5 Deficit Deadlift (slightly below shins)
5 Deadlifts

Then, start working up to your starting weight as:
3-4 sets of 5 reps.
* Add load each set. Rest as needed between sets.
* Some athletes will need more, that is fine, as long as they start their first set as heavy as possible.

(10-12 min.) Perform Deadlifts
* Perform a set every 4 min.



WOD Design and Logistics

After yesterday’s heavy strength session, we are getting into a bit of gymnastics and a new movement, the Woman-maker, a slight deviation from the traditional Man-maker. This workout is a continuous 12 minutes of work, with a new task to be performed every 2 minutes. In a 2 minute window, athletes complete 3 Rope Climbs and then max reps of Box Jump with the remaining time. Upon the start of the 3rd minute, you complete the same exercise, but instead of max reps Box Jumps, you complete max reps Woman-makers. This cycle repeats for a total of 3 rounds of each movement or 12 minutes total.

A Woman-maker is performed with one DB in each hand. It is executed with a Push-up with hands on the DB handles, left side Renegade Row, right side Renegade Row, and then a Double KB Snatch from the ground (think a KB Swing-type movement pattern with one DB in each hand from the ground). This is considered one “rep.”

Nothing in this workout should really interfere with one another, other than the possible shoulder fatigue from the Woman-makers into the Rope Climbs. This workout, more than anything, will tax the your engine and heart rate, so keep pushing to get as many reps as possible without going into the full red zone, that is, until the last round. 😉


Total reps of Box Jumps and Woman-makers completed across 3 rounds.

WOD Goal

Everyone: On the Rope Climbs or variations, the goal is to be complete with your 3 reps in under a minute. You should be able to be completed in around 40 seconds in the beginning, but may take up the whole 60 seconds towards the end as fatigue sets in. For the Box Jumps and Woman-makers, the goal is a steady pace throughout that remains relatively consistent and not a sprint stimulus, as there is no rest between movements in this workout. The Woman-maker will jack the heart rate up and tax the shoulders and grip quite a bit. Encourage a fast Push-up off of the ground and quick use of the hips getting the DBs overhead so that you do not spend a lot of time using your shoulders to compensate.

Rx’d should be able to hit about 30-40 Box Jumps, with about 8-10 Woman-makers per round.

Aim for Fitness to hit a minimum of 20 reps per round, with about 8-10 Woman-makers completed.



Box Jumps: Scale first by box height and then to alternating Step Ups.

Woman-makers: Scale by weight of DBs. Option to scale the Push-up portion of the movement to a knee Push-up.

Rx’d & Fitness

Rope Climbs/Seated Rope Climb: Whatever the movement chosen for the Rope Climb, scale the movement up or down so that it can be performed in less than 1 minute. Option to cap athletes at the 1 minute mark.


(8 min.) Play Clap, Push and Pull to warm-up (In partners)

This is a core strength test. Each player holds a plank, facing one another and within arms reach distance (but not so close that they almost bump heads). Play 2-4 rounds of each type mentioned below.

Clap: each player has to keep a beat by clapping opposite hands while holding the plank. You can have them clap once, twice, etc. and the first person to miss a beat or drop the plank does 2-3 reps of a fitness movement. The other player continues to hold the plank.

Push: the players place same side palms together at shoulder level. At 3…2…1…GO!, the players push against one another to try to knock the other out of their plank. The first to drop does 2-3 reps of a fitness movement while the winner planks.

Pull: the players clasp opposite hands at roughly chest level; as long as they’re off the ground it’s fine. At GO! the players try to pull one another out of the plank position. First to drop and winner perform fitness reps or plank, as above.

(15 min.) Shoulder Complex #2 (Rings)
Wall Sit shoulder flexion Test

Mobility (LAX)
Mid-back 30 sec per side
Post shoulder 30 sec side
Banded lat stretch with C/R (if needed) 1 min per side

Then 3 rounds:
10 One arm Ring rows (each side)
10 Ring push-ups
10 Ring anti-extension fallouts
20-m Bear Crawl down and Backwards


(10 min.) Rope Climbing Prep

First, review the different methods as a group.

Then perform:
4 Seated Rope Climbs
3 Half Climbs (climb half way up rope) – try different methods for each one.
2 Legless Rope Climbs (Scale to attempts, or back to working on an easier progression).
1 L-Sit Rope Climb (Scale to attempts or workout modification).

(10 min.) Workout Prep

Briefly review the Woman-maker with one lighter set of dumbbells. Break the movements into:
Db Push-up + Row in each arm
Double Db ground to Overhead (we call these Db slams)

Then, using your workout weight, perform:
8 Step-ups (use regular height to warm-up here)
4 Woman-makers
8 Lateral Step-ups
2 Woman-makers
8 Box Jumps
1 Woman-maker
8 Box Jumps (onto their workout height)
* Prep as needed for workout

(12 min.) Perform Workout

As you can see, there is a lot of room for coaching!